Why Jhatka


1. Its matter of Bhartiya honour. Its necessary to preserve ancient Indian. Tradition which  is at verge of extinction. Traditional Butchers are bulldozed by Meat Mafia.

2.Economic issue: We have to defend shrinking space castes and tribes like KHATICS, and ancillary trades involved as skin stuffing and weaving and those who have been in this trade since ages are victims of Discrimination, facing unemployment.

3. Health Point: Slow and Torturous Killing leads to Contamination and is injurious to health. Health conscious take Jhatka only.

4. Animal Rights: Animal has right to die with least possible pain.

5. Consumer Rights: Consumer has right to eat with choice. It is her/his Rights to know what is sold or served. Sellers or Meat Mafia cannot dictate their personal belief/choice/conviction or convenience to consumers.

Appeal to Dear Christians care for animal pain, care for sentiments of others and care for your health.

Appeal to Dear Atheists and Agnostics. Care for animal pain, care for sentiments of others and care for your health.

Appeal to Dear Jains and other Vegetarians: If killing is bad torturous killing is worse. Appeal to Muslims: Introspect, if still feel to have Halal, have it but kindly respect Jhatka.

What Hindus should do?

1. If Non-Vegetarian?

Insist for Jhatka from very next order be  it raw, cooked or being served in hotel, train, airline, at home or family/private gathering where you are guest or host online or offline.

2. If Vegetarian?

Be vegetarian, spread Vegetarianism, but differentiate between killing and torturous killing, oppose imposition of Islamic system over non-veg Hindus, religious and economic besieging blockades raising through Food Jihad.

Distinguish between Meat and Meat, Cow and Goat, Jhatka and Halal.

Stand with Hindus in fight against injustice. Identify the crisis; understand the real and bigger issue.

Don’t be ignorant of it. Don’t be equidistant and please don’t fall prey to false information i.e. Its mechanized so there is no Halal or Jhatka, Halal is hygienic and blood free, Halal is Hindu system etc. and thus be passive supporter of attack on our traditions, even if you don’t distinguish between two different systems of food, no matter even if you are vegetarian understand the motive and identify the forces behind ‘Kitchen Attack’, ‘Halal JIHAD’ Smartly, passively forcible, Insidious, Feeding of Muslim Food/Belief/ to defile ignorant or vulnerable Bharti.

While most of the citizens of India are ignorant and indifferent, the radicals with expansionist and opportunist mindset are exploiting generosity of Bhartis.

‘No alien food can be forced on Hindus/Bhartis and that is it.’

What should Muslims do?

Please visualize the pain& poison generated in the cruel processes and practices, rethink without prejudice, introspect and kindly switch over to humane way of slaughter, without making it ego issue. If even dialogue with conscious you are unmoved than at least respect others system & sensitivity and don’t be part of extreme and expansionist. Serve Hindus with care some thing that is not blasphemed for them, even if they don’t ask for it. This will be great cementing force for a harmonious society. It is difficult but not impossible to change the old ways. Once one is aware must opt for better choice.  You will win goodwill of others and it will reciprocate. Acts Respect and Sincerity towards others is also service to Islam. Peruse misguided elements in your society not to indulge in such conspiracies and pollute the harmony or bring bad name to the faith they believe in.